Indomie Relish excites consumers with ‘The Complete One’ in Abuja

April 9, 2019 BY Admin

Indomie Relish, the newly introduced Indomie noodles variant, from the stables of Dufil Prima Foods, has been launched in the capital city of Abuja.

The launch, which kicked off with a market activation, gave the people who have been anticipating the arrival of Indomie Relish in Abuja an opportunity to purchase the product. The Abuja launch team took it further with a mall activation at Jabi Lake Mall in Abuja with an in-store wet and dry sampling, which lasted for six hours.

The Product Manager, Indomie Relish, Ginny Tewatia, said: “After the successful launch of Indomie Relish in Lagos, we decided to take it to Abuja, and it has been well received. Indomie Relish is a complete meal with real fish and chicken chunks, depending on one’s taste and preferences. We are also here at the Jabi Lake Mall giving free Indomie Relish samples to people in the spirit of Complete Christmas Experience.”

At the wet sampling stand, each shopper was treated to a bowl of both the chicken and fish flavours of the Indomie Relish at a stand, where consumers attested to seeing and eating real fish and chicken chucks in the sampled bowls. The side attractions had a violinist and a trumpeter playing melodious Christmas tunes to thrill the excited customers, in a bid to give consumers the classy taste and feel of the Indomie Relish.

Miss Racheal Ezeugo, who tasted both chicken and fish flavours of the Indomie Relish, said: “This is new and good as it takes off the stress of looking for what to spice or garnish the mean with. With Indomie Relish, the choice is there to make from either seafood or chicken. It is a complete meal indeed.”

The dry sampling side, which is the game side of the event, saw shoppers playing set of games, following instructions on the game screen. A huge crowd of shoppers gathered to participate in the game in order to win some of the exciting prizes, ranging from the two flavours of Indomie Relish to branded Indomie Relish T- shirts, head sets, wristbands and many more. After completing the game cycle, participants took selfies to upload on their social media handles with the Indomie Relish trending hashtags.

There were three spectacular aspects of the game side targeted at couples in Abuja, where couples won rose flowers, red wine and packs of Indomie Relish for The Complete Dating Experience; where movie loving couples won head set, a month Netflix subscription and  packs of Indomie Relish for The Complete Movie Experience, and where the gamers won a Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, party props caps, decorating items and  packs of Indomie Relish to enjoy The Complete Game Experience with friends.

According to the organisers of the event, the whole exercise was meant to communicate in relatable terms The Complete Meal Experience that Indomie Relish offers in itself as a Complete Meal with all the necessary ingredients readily available in each pack. According to the Product Manager, Indomie Relish is available at supermarkets and organized stores in Abuja.