Indomie Launches ‘The Indomitables’ Game on Google Play Store

October 2, 2019 BY Admin

With mobile games fast becoming a rich source of mainstream entertainment for both children and adults, DUFIL Prima Foods, makers of  Indomie Noodles, has launched ‘The Indomitables’, Nigeria’s first superhero based endless runner mobile game on Android platforms.  The game is arguably the first time a food brand is launching such a game on play store in Nigeria.

The newly launched game; ‘The Indomitables’ is riding on Indomie’s well-known superhero cartoon characters. The ‘Indomitables’ game features the superheroes, Vision, Tweeny, Stretchy, Swifty and Big Boy, collectively known as ‘The Indomitables’, who take on the might of the Hunger Monsters unleashed by General Wrath.

Speaking on the modalities for playing the game, Brand Manager, Indomie, Mr Nikhil Das, explained that, the player could play as any superhero by collecting bowls of Indomie Noodles that satiate hunger and Indomie amulets that give apt superpowers.

In the highly engaging game, ‘The Indomitables’ face an insurmountable challenge. The despicable tyrant, General Wrath, has unleashed ‘Hunger Monsters’ across Nigeria and fled. These monsters feed off their victim’s hunger, leaving them weak and helpless. The General will return to rule once his monsters have first turned healthy Nigerians into weaklings. The only way to tackle these evil monsters is to keep your stomach full and body healthy with Indomie Noodles. Hence, armed with their superpowers and with their favourite Indomie noodles to satiate their hunger, the Indomitables are the only ones that can stop the Hunger Monsters from spreading havoc across Nigeria.

According to Mr Das, “These superpowers are deployed by the player to vanquish Hunger Monsters & save Nigeria from weakness and hunger. Players can have fun as they run, slide, jump, swipe right, swipe left and attack to save Nigeria. The player, cum superhero with the most points will make it to the top of the leader board.”

Also commenting on the new innovation, the Group Public Relations and Events Manager, Dufil Prima Foods, Mr Temitope Ashiwaju, revealed that the game is another way the brand is engaging with her teeming consumers.  ‘The Indomitables’ is the first game a food brand has launched on play store in Nigeria. This is another first by Dufil Prima Foods, the pioneer of Noodles market in Nigeria to keep our consumers engaged with the brand.”

He stated that, the company is working towards making the 55MB game also available on IOS so as not to leave anyone behind.